WTA'S first International Biennial goes to South Ameria. Valencia, Venezuela was the host city and the Museo de la Cultura is the home of the first event of its class to visit Venezuela.


Upon completion of the second Biennial in Miami, WTA's Board of Directors decided to choose Latin America as its projection platform, due the absence of any such activity in the area. Subsequent international Biennials then, would be held in various countries, with the purpose to generate a culture of textile art questioning. Hopefully, the young generations would get piqued by art as an agent for change, and would ask for changes in educational structures, creating schools for textile art and design—the latter as a factor for human and industrial development. That was how the 3rd International Biennial was held outside its headquarters for the first time, in the city of Valencia, Venezuela. The Biennial was presented at the Museum of Culture, and due to its roaring success it was extended one more month. It presented the works of 116 artists from 37 countries, and featured nine invited artists from around the world.


Lic. Alfredo Fermín, Venezuela (Curator of Visual Arts Salon Arturo Michelena).

Dr. Fernando de Tovar Pantin (Fine Arts Director and Restoration Specialist).

Dr. Franz Risquez, Valencia (Director of Quinta La Isabela Museum).


FIRST PRIZE: Monika Loster, Poland.

SECOND PRIZE: Leslie Pontz, USA.

THIRD PRIZE: Christina Frey, Germany.


Museo de la Cultura de Valencia