The importance of the 2nd Biennial was the support received by the actual City of Coral Gables, considered one of the most important city in the South Florida area when it comes to art and culture. It served as a platform for the next Biennials.

In the Second Biennial the interest from Artists from all over the world increased considerably to the point that 105 outstanding artists from 37 countries and all the continents again took part of the event. In addition there were 5 guests artists. In this edition the event took place at Ara Gallery Cultural Center in Miami. "The small format had as its main purpose to reflect about the involvement between the culture, the passion for arts and fibers, metals and women. The relationship continues, as a key element of that culture. The event, was a momentum about the reflection and challenge portrayed in amazing pieces.

City of Coral Gables awarded WTA Directors with an Honorary Mention

Juror: Yosi Anaya- Marina Withman

Guest Artists: Androna Linartas - Marina Withman

Coral Gables hosted artists from 37 countries

Amazing Pieces from All Over the World Present a Ara Gallery

Awards and Special Mentions

Christina Frey from Germany Second Place