WTA'S first International Biennial goes to South Ameria. Valencia, Venezuela was the host city and the Museo de la Cultura is the home of the first event of its class to visit Venezuela.

Right after the conclusion of the Second Biennial, the directors of WTA decided to select Latin American artists as their main focus to expand the Organization due to the lack of an important entity that supported the art in the continent. The International Biennials to follow will travel to different parts of the America's with Valencia Venezuela as their first stop on 2006. The main objective was to start planting culture in different parts of the continent with the sole purpose of giving newer generations a new form of expression. Just like that the III International Biennial traveled outside the US for the first time and went to Venezuela. It took place at the Museo dela Cultura with an amazing success during more than one month. 116 artists from 37 countries took part of this magnificent event. WTA took a huge step and showed the world they were working on something very big. First Award; Monika Loster- Polonia Second Award:Leslie Pontz - USA Third Award: Christina Frey - Alemania Spectacular Museo de la Cultura de Valencia, Venezuela LIVE work during the event 30 Days, 116 Artists from 37 Countries