Textile Art reached thousands of people in San Jose Costa Rica, as well as it served as a platform to launch WTA as one of the most important Organizations in the world of textiles.

JURY: Rebecca Stevens, from the Textile Museum, Washington D.C., Lala de Dios,Spain, & Roberto Villalobos, Dean of the Arts Deparment of Costa Rica University

FIRST PLACE Title: Todos con todos (All with All) from Rafael Saenz & Ariane Garnier from Costa Rica.

SECOND PLACE Tilte ; Variations of Light Appearance from Fred Stelzing & Christina Frey from Germany.

THIRD PLACE Ttile: The old woman and the old manfrom Luis Gonzalez Toussaint & georgina Toussaint from Mexico.

HONOR MENTIONS -GUATEMALA de Walter Rojas & Flor Alvarado from Costa Rica. -Winterscape from Charles Correa y Monika Correa from India - Sea Roots from Guillermo Escalon y Marie Noelle Fontan – Venezuela & France -Tampering with Paradise from Lee R. Chesney from USA & Sandra C.Fernandez from Ecuador. -Another Dimension from Christian Fuhrmann & Angelika Hecht-Schnewolf from Germany.