About WTA

World Textile Art is one of the most respected contemporary textile art organizations in the world. In 2022, during its X Biennial, its twenty-fifth anniversary was celebrated.

Textiles have been a fundamental part of human life since the beginning of civilization. In 1997, inspired by the ancient traditions of textile art, adding a contemporary flair, Colombian textile artist Pilar Tobón founded WTA – Women in Textile Art. It later morphed into World Textile Art to include more artists regardless of gender.

The main objective of WTA is to support contemporary textile artists from around the world, promoting this important art form through biennials and special events. In the same way, develop different educational programs that foster their appreciation and practice.

Part of the great success of the organization is directly related to the support of the most important creators of this art form worldwide, not only for their participation as artists but also for their educational and public relations support, opening the doors of different important institutions and museums around the world.

In 2022, WTA celebrated its 25th anniversary with the X International Biennial “25 YEARS WTA”, held from October to December of 2022, where more than ten countries were interconnected to celebrate WTA history.

Board of Directors

Pilar Tobon


Laura Ferrando

Vice President

Martha Alvarez

General Coordinator of Biennials
Consulting Group - Colombia

Yosi Anaya

International Relations
Consulting Group - Mexico

María Ortega

Director Europe
Consulting Group - Spain
International Representative
Japan- China- Korea


Consulting group
Austria - Argentina

Maria Pagola

International Representative

Dora Hara

International Representative

Eva Soban

International Representative

Biret Tavman

International Representative

Virginia D'alto

International Representative

Felipe Maqueira

International Representative

Juan Ojea

International Representative