WTA Biennials

About WTA Biennials

WTA Biennials are international expositions of contemporary textile art along with an agenda of education and culture led by the most important icons of the Textile Art World. IT takes place every two years in different parts of the world. The event is organized through a very complex selection process which selects the most important and best art pieces to participate in the event. World class curators and guest judges are part of a unique art and culture event that has already visited North, Central and South America since its creation. Every Biennial attracts some of the most important people of the textile world who are gather together in seminars, special events, fairs and workshops. Each Biennial has attracted artists from all the continents and has left an important footprint in each of the cities that have hosted the event. Along with all the art and culture being shared in each event, the Organization has commited not only funds but also time and other types of resources to help the visually impaired persons become a part of the wonderful world of textiles. Workshops and special events have been very exciting, and filled with energy and spirit to help others. Each Biennial has left an important footprint both visual and as a document that allows the world of textile Art to grow and gain the respect of people all over the world. Each Biennial has produced a beautiful book that can be purchased online, illustrating some of the most wonderful art pieces you have ever seen.

Contemporary textile art continues to be one of the fastest growing plastic arts and also one of the most attractive in the world. The most important galleries in the world, along with museums and other organizations, continue to open their doors to this type of events since they attract large masses of people. Floor sculptures, wall pieces and hanging models are just a few of the many type of expressions that you can find in a textile art exhibition. World Textile Art has an extremely important role by continuing to support and promote artists from all over the world.


I Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA “Reborn pre-Columbian”

Hispanic-American Museum of Florida Art in Coral Gables-United States.

19 participating countries.
20,000 visitors.


II Biennial “Interlacement–Fiver and Metal”

 ARA Gallery Cultural Center in Coral Gables – United States.

37 participating countries.
15,000 visitors.


III Biennial “Square-Carre-Cuadrado”

Museum of Modern Art in Valencia-Venezuela. Resounding success!

With this new venue, the Biennale becomes nomadic.

37 participating countries.
30,000 visitors.


IV Biennial “Man+Woman=Creation”

Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center in San José-Costa Rica.

For the first time conferences and workshops are held.

37 participating countries.
35,000 visitors.


WTA Anniversary “10 years of creativity”

 Consulate of Colombia-Miami, United States.

Exhibition of works donated by 260 Honorary Members.

30 invited artists.


V Biennial, Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires – Argentina.

The Autonomous Government of the city of Buenos Aires declared the Biennale a “Cultural Event of National and International Importance”.

42 participating countries.
150,000 visitors.

It changes its name to World Textile Art.


VI Biennial “Air”

Mexico D.F., Xalapa and Oaxaca-Mexico. For the first time, 5 salons are held per Call.

40 participating countries.
200,000 visitors.


VII Biennial “Diversity”

Montevideo and Punta del Este-Uruguay. 5 rooms per call.

32 participating countries.
180,000 visitors.


VIII Biennial “Sustainable Cities”

Madrid-Spain. First Biennial held outside America.

42 participating countries.
200,000 visitors.


IX “Pachakuti”

Biennial, based in Chile. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 breaks out and the Online Biennial becomes a space of brotherhood and union for the world’s textile artists, around the “work in progress”.

45 participating countries from 5 continents.
368 applicants.


X International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art

 25 Years of Teextile History…