World Textile Art Organization


World Textile Art is one of the most respected contemporary textile art organizations worldwide.

WTA was founded in 1997 by renown artist Pilar Tobón, with the support of The Latin American Art Museum in Miami and approximately 30 artists from various nooks of the world.

Initially named, “Women In Textile Art,” it later crossed the gender barrier to become World Textile Art, or simply, WTA.

The Organization supports textile creators from all over the world, from an endless supply of formats.

Its main objective is the development and exhibition of this art through biennials and special events.

It also promotes various expositions, simposia, seminars, classes, and fairs within the same artistic genre, thereby encouraging awareness, appreciation, and practice of textile endeavors.

Part of the great success of WTA, is directly linked to the support from great artistic creators at world level—not only due to their participation but also thanks to their generosity in teaching and public relations matters—opening the doors of various museums and cities.

Each event continues to be greater than the last, and the presence of its Honorary Members is already felt in all continents in over 75 countries.


  • PRESIDENT – Pilar Tobon
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Laura Ferrando
  • DIRECTOR – Yosi Anaya
  • DIRECTOR – Maria Ortega
  • DIRECTOR – Martha Liliana Alvarez
  • DIRECTOR – Maria Teresa Pagola


  • SPAIN – Maria Ortega
  • POLAND – Dora Hara
  • TURKEY – Biret Tavman
  • GERMANY – Beatriz Schaaf
  • RUSSIA – Natalia Tsevetkova


  • GO MVP – Andres Giraldo


Strengthen, inspire and promote contemporary textile art manifestations everywhere where WTA is present.

Offer new artists the necessary tools to promote their work and their career.

 Promote the sensibility among people from the arts worldwide in order to prevent the perception of our artists from being craftmen instead of real artists.

Strengthen solidarity ties between artists and art lovers from all over the world.

Textile art is a unique manifestation of creativity and sensibility, which is taking the world by surprise.

World Textile Art’s greatest achievement, is providing talented artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work, and share it with the rest of the world at high level events.


“For almost 20 years WTA has become THE MOST IMPORTANT Textile Art Event in the Americas”


WTA President

“It was an honor to direct the 5th Biennial in Argentina. It was a life changing experience.”


Director V Biennial

“I continue to support WTA because it has allowed Textile Art to become a relevant category in the plastic arts.”


Board Member


One of our most important objectives, is offering support to organizations of social assistance throughout the world. We work with various such programs worldwide, and our artists get immersed in them.



  1. Provide special programs to teach people with dissabilties different techniques. Programs are designed based on their ages and needs.
  2. Offer impairment awareness and sensibilization programs at all age levels.
  3. Offer impairment awareness and sensibilization programs at all age levels.


  •  Interaction with Blind People
  • Programs for Single Mothers
  • Food Programs through art
  • Kids

Programs for the Visually Impaired


  •  Interact with Our Programs
  • Assist Those Who Need It
  • Examples of Overcoming
  • Education to Children


  1. To offer the disabled educational programs specially designed according to their ages and needs.
  2. offer disability awareness programs for all ages.
  3. Encourage in our Biennials the integration of people with disabilities into the cultural and educational process under the same conditions of quality, rights and opportunities as the rest of the participating artists.


Help the blind.

Single mothers

Poor kids

Art for all

Artist of the world

WTA Biennials

WTA Biennials are international expositions of contemporary textile art along with an agenda of education and culture led by the most important icons of the Textile Art World. IT takes place every two years in different parts of the world. The event is organized through a very complex selection process which selects the most important and best art pieces to participate in the event. World class curators and guest judges are part of a unique art and culture event that has already visited North, Central and South America since its creation. Every Biennial attracts some of the most important people of the textile world who are gather together in seminars, special events, fairs and workshops. Each Biennial has attracted artists from all the continents and has left an important footprint in each of the cities that have hosted the event. Along with all the art and culture being shared in each event, the Organization has commited not only funds but also time and other types of resources to help the visually impaired persons become a part of the wonderful world of textiles. Workshops and special events have been very exciting, and filled with energy and spirit to help others. Each Biennial has left an important footprint both visual and as a document that allows the world of textile Art to grow and gain the respect of people all over the world. Each Biennial has produced a beautiful book that can be purchased online, illustrating some of the most wonderful art pieces you have ever seen.

Contemporary textile art continues to be one of the fastest growing plastic arts and also one of the most attractive in the world. The most important galleries in the world, along with museums and other organizations, continue to open their doors to this type of events since they attract large masses of people. Floor sculptures, wall pieces and hanging models are just a few of the many type of expressions that you can find in a textile art exhibition. World Textile Art has an extremely important role by continuing to support and promote artists from all over the world. The six Biennials that have been hosted so far, along with tens of events and the upcomming Biennial, will continue to set up the foundation for an even brighter future. You may continue to read more about our Organization by clicking below. In 2017 Uruguay will have the honor to host the 7th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, becoming the 6th country to host the event. Some of the best artists from all the continents will present q unique display of talent, imagination, and techniques.

Biennials organized by the WTA


Our network of Textile Artists extends to more than 75 countries in ALL continents.

For the past 20 years and lots of Biennials, World Textile Art has held the most important events world wide. Hundreds of artists have emerged after participating in the Biennials, or in another of our official events. It is a life-changing experience that will allow your work to be exhibited next to the ELITE. Our catalogues and official books reach thousands of places around the world. Our Website is seen by thousands of people annually, and our events attract masses. Don’t let the great opportunity pass: Don’t wait until the last moment. Be part of the history righ now!