III Biennial “PLAZA-CARRE-SQUARE” – 2004, Museum of Modern Art of Valencia-Venezuela, (due to its great success it was extended for another month). With this new venue, the Biennale becomes nomadic.

At the end of the II Biennial, the Organization’s Board of Directors decided to choose Latin America as its projection platform, given the absence of an activity of this nature in the area. Then the following International Biennials would be held in different countries with the purpose of generating questions about textile art. Perhaps the younger generations, inspired by art as an agent of change, would come to demand changes in educational structures and schools of art and textile design would be formed. The latter, factor of human and industrial development. This is how the III International Biennial was held for the first time outside its headquarters and the venue was granted to the city of Valencia in Venezuela. The Biennial was presented at the Museum of Culture with such success that it was extended for another month. 116 artists from 37 countries participated in it and nine invited artists from all over the world were presented.