Pachakuti Biennial 2021, On-line, generated from the city of Santiago-Chile.

IX International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA “Pachakuti”.

This idea represented the transformation of everything, the transition to a new era, and the change of the sun in Andean mythology. This change was unexpected and prolonged, a cyclical time that announced a new awareness and vision of nature.

The global experience generated by the Covid-19 pandemic led us to reinvent ourselves in many aspects, to undergo highly emotional processes, where even isolation created spaces and stimuli for artistic creation. Motivated by this event and with the desire to have more direct communication with artists from around the world, the idea arose of having the WTA Biennial 100% online for the first time.

This online version was presented as a new event for Contemporary Textile Art and at the same time a great challenge, but also as an invitation to grow and stay active in our creative interests, in these difficult times that we lived in as a society and as people.

With a call for the presentation of minutes of “Works in Progress” and six days of virtual meetings for:

  1. Rethinking. The times and our actions, to forge the future in balance and harmony.
  2. Doing. Giving artistic testimony to the most precious part of what makes us human. Art is a reflection and question; an expression of human experience and connections.
  3. Share. Our creative process and recovering awareness of the value of “human tissue.”

Galery Category: Photography